Insurance Services

Whether you’re the owner of a business – maybe for the first time – or an individual looking to protect your own assets, Thi Menher and Associates is ready to help. We’ll make sure that you get insured, with the right type of coverage, so that you can sleep without worry. Whether you’re new to insurance, or the veteran of a hundred disasters, we’re sure that we have something to offer you. Take a look at our plans below.

Commercial Insurance

Whether you’re in need of research, or you know what you want, but want some help integrating it into your business, we’re with business owners 100% of the way. Insurance is something that every business must have, with the right coverage, personalized to its operation. New business owner, or new to the area? Thi Menher and Associates can help you from start to finish!

Personal Insurance

Personal protection matters. Any disaster is bad news, but it’s so much worse if – after the flood or fire – you have to deal with financial troubles on top of everything else.Don’t take the risk. Make sure that you’ve insured whatever you couldn’t afford to replace, in case of catastrophe. Thi Menher and Associates will fully evaluate your assests and make sure that you’re covered – so that you can sleep easy!

The Best Coverage for Your Needs

Recognize these names? These are just some of the many insurance carriers that we work with to find the right solution for you and your business.