What We Offer

Your family’s safety is your biggest concern. Make sure you have the coverage you need to feel protected – no matter what life throws your way. Thi Menher and Associates works with a wide array of clientele: from high net worth individuals through preferred client programs, to hard-to-place homes in areas designated as “high fire danger.”


If you own a home, then it's likely the largest single investment you have. Don't lose it when life throws you a curve ball! We'll make sure that you have proper coverage, so that you won't be left stranded – whatever life brings you.


Your biggest liability exposure may be the day-to-day operation of your vehicle. We’ll help you find coverage that will help you get back on the road quickly in case of an accident, theft or other loss. We also offer boat, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle coverage – and we offer very competitive terms to individuals with poor driving histories, including DUI’s.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

If your net worth exceeds your various coverage limits, you may want an umbrella policy to increase your coverage and provide a safety net for your family’s assets.


Even if you don’t own your own home, your personal belongings like electronics, computers, appliances, clothes, and jewelry have real value. Make sure you’re covered in case of loss, damage, or theft, with our affordable renter’s insurance – including personal liability coverage as well.


As the owner of a condo, you need a policy that is targeted to your unique needs. Our condominium insurance provides personal coverage for your liability and your property, acting in partnership with your other condominium association policies to make sure you’re fully protected.


In California, earthquake damage is very real, and while flooding may be restricted to certain areas, it too can be a very real threat to your property. Get coverage – and sleep soundly, knowing that, even in the worst case, you'll get compensation.